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    Review this Quick Reference Guide for an overview of some important features in your GMC Yukon Denali or Yukon XL Denali. More detailed information can be found in your Owner Manual. Some optional equipmentF described in this guide may not be included in your vehicle. For easy reference, keep this

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    Instrument Panel Instrument Panel Integrated Traction Control and StabiliTrak/ Illumination Trailer Front and Rear Parking Assist/ Control/Exterior Brake Lane Departure Warning/Adjustable 4WD Lamp Control ControlF Control Pedals/Power Assist StepF Buttons Cruise Control/ Collision Alert/ Heated

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    Tow/Haul Button Infotainment System Engine Driver’s Heated/ Start/Stop Cooled Seat Button Buttons Door Ajar Oil Pressure Charging System Safety Belt Reminder F Optional equipment Climate Controls Storage Compartment with Accessory Power Outlet/USB Ports Rear Climate Controls Passenger’s

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    Remote Keyless Entry Transmitter (Key Fob) Unlock Press to unlock the driver’s door. Press again to unlock all doors. Lock Press to lock all doors. Note: Press and hold the Lock/Unlock buttons to automatically fold/unfold the power mirrors. To change the Auto Mirror Folding setting, go to Comfort

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    Keyless Access System The Keyless Access System enables operation of the doors and ignition without removing the Remote Keyless Entry transmitter from a pocket or purse. The transmitter must be within three feet of the door being unlocked or the liftgate. Keyless Unlocking With the transmitter

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    Power Front Seats Seat Adjustments A B A. Seat Cushion Adjustment Move the front horizontal control to move the seat forward or rearward, or to tilt, raise or lower the seat. C B. Seatback Adjustment Move the vertical control to recline or raise the seatback. C. Lumbar Adjustment Move the rear

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    Rear Seats Folding 2nd-Row Seats The 2nd-row seats fold and tumble to provide more cargo space and access to the 3rd-row seats. 1. Lower the head restraint, unbuckle the safety belt, make sure nothing is under or in front of the seat, and move the front seat forward enough to allow room for the

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    Customizable Driver Display The Customizable Driver Display on the instrument cluster displays a variety of vehicle system information and warning messages. Menu Items Use the control pad on the right side of the steering wheel to view the following menus: Info – display trip and fuel information

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    Head-Up Display The Head-Up Display (HUD) projects some operating information onto the windshield. The HUD controls are located on the left side of the instrument panel. HUD Lift up or press down to adjust the position of the image on the windshield. It cannot be adjusted side-to-side. HUD INFO

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    GMC IntelliLink Radio with 8-Inch* Color Screen Refer to your Owner Manual for important safety information about using the infotainment system while driving. The GMC IntelliLink radio is controlled by using the audio system buttons and touch screen. Power/ Volume RADIO: Select AM, FM, XMF

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    GMC IntelliLink Radio with 8-Inch* Color Screen Setting the Time 1. Touch Settings on the home page. 2. Touch Time and Date. 3. Touch Set Time. 4. Touch the arrows to adjust the hours, minutes and AM or PM. 5. Touch BACK to exit the menu. Storing Favorites Up to 60 radio stations from all bands

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    Bluetooth® System Refer to your Owner Manual for important safety information about using the Bluetooth system while driving. Before using a Bluetooth-enabled device in the vehicle, it must be paired with the invehicle Bluetooth system. The pairing process is disabled when the vehicle is moving.

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    GMC IntelliLink GMC IntelliLink uses a Bluetooth or USB connection to link a compatible device, such as a smartphone, cell phone, USB flash drive or portable audio player/iPod®. IntelliLink enables streaming audio through a smartphone and hands-free voice control. Music also can be played from a

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    Vehicle Personalization Some vehicle features can be customized using the audio controls and menus or the touch screen buttons. Changing Vehicle Settings The Vehicle Settings menu may include Climate and Air Quality, Collision/ Detection Systems, Comfort and Convenience, Lighting, Power Door Locks,

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    Driver Assistance Systems Safety Alert Seat – The driver’s seat pulses, left side, right side, or simultaneously, to alert the driver of potential hazards. Audible notification may be selected instead of Safety Alert Seat pulsing notification. To change the alert setting, go to Settings > Vehicle >

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    Automatic Climate Controls AUTO: Driver’s Temp. Control/ Automatic Operation Driver’s Heated/ Cooled Seat Buttons A/C/ Air Conditioning Control/ Recirculation Mode Rear Power Control / Vent Mode/ Floor Mode AUTO: Rear Fan Rear Automatic Speed Operation Fan Speed Control/ On/Off Rear Air Delivery /

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    Wipers and Washers Windshield Wipers Rotate the band on the lever to activate the wipers. Fast Wipes Slow Wipes INT Intermittent Rotate the band to adjust the delay between wipes. The ­wipers activate more often as the band is rotated upward. AUTO – Rainsense™ On/Off Press to turn the Rainsense

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    Cruise Control Setting Cruise Control 1. Press the On/Off button. The Cruise Control symbol will illuminate in white on the instrument cluster. 2. When traveling at the desired speed, press the SET– button to set the speed. The symbol will illuminate in green on the instrument cluster. Adjusting

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    Traction Control and StabiliTrak Systems The traction control system limits wheelspin and the StabiliTrak® stability control system assists with directional control of the vehicle in difficult ­driving conditions. Both systems turn on automatically every time the vehicle is started. Turn off

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    Roadside Assistance 1-800-GMC-8782 TTY Users: 1-888-889-2438 (1-800-462-8782) As the owner of a new GMC, you are automatically enrolled in the GMC Roadside Assistance program for up to 5 years/100,000 miles, whichever occurs first, at no expense to you. This value-added service is intended to

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